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1994 F350 7.3 crew cab dually manual. 2002 Excursion 7.3
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I have a 2002 Excursion 7.3. I have the issue that is talked about a lot but it doesn't seem there are ultimately any solutions for me. I have no door locks, no interior lights, door ajar light, no key fob function, no key pad on the door. I have checked all the latches, sensors, wires etc that everyone always talks about to no avail. Recently I found a youtube video that talked about the power supply to the VSM. The grey plug has two power sources which are good on mine. On his video he has a blue plug with power and wires coming in from the key pad for the door. The orange wire for his has power. Mine does not. I can't find out where this power comes from. From hours of searching I find that this orange wire goes to the OBDII connection under the dash, the reset button on the passenger kick panel, the instrument cluster and the seat module under the drivers seat for heated seats(which mine doesn't have). I am wondering if anyone knows something about this orange wire and where its power comes from? I believe that this is the source of the problem because part of the VSM isn't getting power.
Thanks for any help.
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