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the truth about egts

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the truth about max egts

ok i know 1250 is doabe all day long and you can go higher for short bursts but whats the real max upper limit. on a hard pull up a big hill at around 1300 im letting go of the throttle. what is safe for a short time. if you hit 1400 for a minute or two is it going to hurt your motor? ive tried to search for an ansewer but i can only find the same q and a over and over. if 1250 is the absolute max ever seems like there would be alot more dead diesels. sorry if this has already been asked but im very interested in this and cant find a real ansewer for the short bursts max temp.
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does no one have an opinion on this ?
i always back out at 1250-1300 but im just wondering if an occasional run a little higher is ok. i love my truck and do not want to hurt it but i see guys without guages or drag racing and then towing their camper 500 miles and it just makes me wonder if there is any room to wiggle a little. im still going to shoot for no more than 1250 but if im going to top a hill and need to push for a few seconds will i cause damage to my truck.
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