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We will have 200 INFINITY CEI-hubs here next week. If you are interested in pre-order give us a call or send us an email.

We made a design change to allow more cool features. Let’s recap what it offers.

The CEI-hub can ONLY be used with the DP-Tuner INFINITY-dx or PL.

• Chip switching –F5, F6, TS, SCT, Sniper
• DSP5 for Duramax
• Dual EGT inputs
• 4 External Temperature sensor Analog inputs (pre-configured for Auto Meter)
• 4 External Pressure sensor Analog inputs (pre-configured for Auto Meter)

F5 & F6 chips have direct hookup for our cable. All other chips you will need to splice the wires and insert them into the appropriate slot labeled for you on the hub. A micro screwdriver is supplied for you to hook up the chip wires and external sensors.

Price is anywhere between $200-250. I’m waiting on my final invoice so I can determine final price for you. I don’t anticipate it being more than $250. This is not on our site yet so give us a call if you have any questions.

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