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Third brake light

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Is there a way to elminate the third brake light? Mine is covered up by my headach rack so no one can see it anyway. I just wanted to elminate it because when Im backing in my trailer off the road with my hazards on the trailer brakes lock up, then I have to back off the power, then when I leave a location loaded and try to stop I forgot about the trailer brakes and have a hard time stopping. So can I elminate that light so I don't have to worry about it?
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Your cruise control won't work properly without the 3rd brake light. For some weird reason, it needs the 3rd brake light to be functional.

Your trailer brake problem isn't the 3rd light, its the way the controller is tied in to the circuit when the hazards are flashing. I believe they sell gizmos to fix's one:

Pulse Preventer for Electric Brake Controllers 5501 : Trailer hitch bike rack and trailer hitches -
I should've added the word "correctly" to my original post--it should've read "it needs the 3rd brake light to be correctly functional" On mine, with the 3rd brake light burnt out, cruise would work until I turned on the turn signal (particularly the left one IIRC). At that time the cruise would disengage.

Still, though, the hazard flashers are the cause of the trailer brake issue. That's a drawback of the time-delay type brake controller.
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