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Thumping noise coming from the front end

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I am experiencing a sort of thumping noise that appears to be coming from the right front of my 2002 PSD. This noise only occurs when I am going over a bump, and it sounds as if something may be loose. I have crawled underneath and checked every nut and bolt and have not discovered anything not perfectly tight. My next thought is to jack up the front and try and move the wheels up and down for any play. I bought my truck brand new off the showroom and have really taken care of it, so I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue?
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for the sway bar bushings just spray them ALOT with WD-40 as it swells rubber in nice warmer weather, test drive if they seem a little quieter replace them but also check the drop links, since the larger wheels more like ball joints as you added properly 40 lbs a corner and 7 year from the last time your way over due as I replace mine 3-4 years as I plow my driveway and do some wheeling to new Jobsites in spring
another possibility is tie rod ends you need a pry bar and do some flexing just like when you check your ball joint, have a buddy around when the front end is off the ground have them move the steering wheel side to side to check everything
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