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Alright, maybe you all can help me out a bit as I have gotten away from keeping up on the latest and greatest when it comes to pickups...
So, it's time to replace my 2001 f450. As I have sold one of my businesses, I think I can get away with a 350. I've been hoping to get a NICE pickup for around $30,000. I've always had fords in the past, and they are my preference, but like I said - I don't really know what's what any more...
I'll be looking for a good condition crewcab dually. I could/would buy with a pickup bed, but would prefer c&c, or a flatbed.
What I've found - $30k will get me a nice 08-10 ford with a 6.4. I've had several local guys tell me that If I want a ford, I'm better off to go newer and get the 6.7. Looking at NICE 11 and up trucks, it looks like I'd have to bump up to $35k or so.

My cousin bought a crewcab single wheel tradesman 3500 dodge diesel today for $40,800. It had some interior upgrades, and a fair # of options. I'm not sure if I'd qualify for the same deal, but he was able to get 0% financing. I'm going to go with him tomorrow to pick up his new truck, and look at dodges. The price and warranty on the dodge has me swaying that way, but I wanted more opinions.

I will use it as my daily driver (though I don't put around much), haul hay, haul logs, haul a stock trailer, and roam the country....

What would you do?? What do I need to look for/at on the dodge's??
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