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Time for balljoints have ?????

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Dealer says 200.00 for the parts. But I am looking for a premium grade of parts, i.e. greaseable and what I should be doing while replacing them. Runnin OEM size tire and wheel. Longevity is the key here, if the majority recommends OEM then I will stick with it.

Thinking about doing this at home rather than paying the 400.00 they want in labor..

Need advice from people that have done it.

I found this website by searching before I posted but not a lot of information from members.. quad 4x4

Thanks for the help.

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about 100 bucks in LIFETIME warranted parts <autozone, pepboys,
orielys etc)...autozone will loan you the ball joint press &
pitman arm puller.

all the aftermarket ball joints are grease-able...apparently
ford is the only one that can find ones w/OUT grease fittings,
none of the parts stores i went to had any w/out grease fittings
and some places never even heard of such a thing /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

i just did mine a week ago...been putting it off cause i thought
it would be a though was NOT...took me several hours
to do the 1st side...couldnt get the lower ball joint pressed
out..but i kept after it (spray some pb blaster or 3in1 oil
around the seam of the oil joints)

the 2nd side took me less than 2hours...and i bet i could it
again even faster !

do it yourself...its and easy job ! you think the dealer is gonna
lifetime warranty the parts they use... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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well if youre there do the bearings and axle shaft/seals too...
it certainly wont make the job any more diff.

i discovered the inner dust/axle seal on my passenger side was
torn...5 dollar part (again from orielys)...i got the yellow
oring from ford dealer (5 bucks)

and i understand the needle bearings can be replaced too...
i just packed mine good w/ grease since they were fine.

Guzzle has some good instructions on the bearing issue CLICK HERE
the axle/dust shield is 5 bucks (from oreillys auto parts)
the yellow oring is about 5 bucks (from ford)
the outter hub/vac/seal is 57 bucks (from ford)

the ball joints were less than 50 bucks per side (lifetime
and grease-able from autozone)

the problem i see w/ the's bundle
is the parts local, if you ever have a problem
you can take 'em back and get the replacements...

you DONT have to use moog, there are plenty of lifetime
warranted, greasable alternatives...and you dont necessarily
have to replace the hub & axle seal

im CERTAIN you can obtain some or all the parts cheaper locally.

2-K80026 upper greasable ball joints Moog Brand
2-K8607T lower greasable ball joints Moog Brand
2-F81Z 4A322AA Yellow O-rings between the hub and knuckle
2-F81Z 3254CB Hub seals
2-F81Z 1S175HCA Axle seals
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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