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Time for balljoints have ?????

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Dealer says 200.00 for the parts. But I am looking for a premium grade of parts, i.e. greaseable and what I should be doing while replacing them. Runnin OEM size tire and wheel. Longevity is the key here, if the majority recommends OEM then I will stick with it.

Thinking about doing this at home rather than paying the 400.00 they want in labor..

Need advice from people that have done it.

I found this website by searching before I posted but not a lot of information from members.. quad 4x4

Thanks for the help.

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Just go through get there rebuild kit, it has absolutely everything you will need to complete the job except for the press you will need for the ball joints. youll also need to get the main oil seals pressed on by the ford dealership or make something to press them on yourself. I used the 4x4 piece of wood trick while others used the galvanized pipe way. if i were to do it again id probably go to the ford dealer to have the main seals pressed on.
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