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time for more mods...which way to go

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ok guys it is time for a few more mods to the far i have done the intake.and exhaust..the intake is just the napa style setup and the exhaust is a 4 inch stainless with magnaflow is time for a chip/tuner and some gauges..

i can get the following items at a great deal so which do you recommend?This is my daily driver and i do very little towing with it.

Edge juice w/attitude
Edge Evo
Custom superchips chip(i have a friend who is a dealer)

and as far as gauges do i need all mechanical or electric?and does anyone have any sites that sell complete gauge kits with pods and all.

thanks in advance for any advice
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the first thing i would do is go here:

and buy an isspro turbo temp monitor.

2. vandal alert
3. i would do the intank and pre-pump mod with racor pre pump filter
4. gauges
5. fumoto oil valve
6. regulator bypass by itp with ad injector in #8 with fuel cooler
7. ais intake
8. monster exhaust
9. tru-cool max with magnefine filter

just to get you started /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

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hey 99crew,

I don't agree with Johnnie boy don't buy the TTM from isspro as you have to rewire half the truck to get it to work with your keyless entry

[/ QUOTE ]

this is true. on EARLY model 99-2003 powerstrokes the keyless entry will not work unless you rig a work around. on my 2002 the keyless works great. i have seen the work around here somewhere but i am nowhere near as good as larry in finding it for you nor do i have the inclination. i'm sure you can talk to the good folks at d.i.s. to get it. rewire half the truck? hardly.

the TTM from SPDiesel is a much better unit!!

[/ QUOTE ]

first off you have to compare apples to apples. isspro makes a turbo temp monitor or ttm. sp diesel makes a "engine shutdown timer" it has nothing to do with the turbo nor does it monitor it. the isspro unit gets it's info from the pyro indirectly thru the egt gauge. it will automatically shutdown the engine when it reaches the factory set temp of 300 degrees or whatever temp "you" set it to. a small screwdriver is all that is needed to reset the temp.

going to alpine meadows this last winter it took 10 minutes for the temp to cool to 275 (the temp that i manually set once). i was amazed how long it took. it is a long hard pull up to the lodge though. if i had used the engine shutdown timer and used the 2-3 minutes recommended for winter on their site i would have been cooking my turbine.

for all the trouble of "rewiring half the truck" it is well worth the cost of 139.95. the ttm from isspro is an elegant solution to ensuring long life to your turbo. i have been using it for 3 years plus now "winter" and "summer" without a problem. at a cost of 119.99 for the engine shutdown timer it's a no brainer i'd spend the extra 20 bucks and get the ttm.

the engine timer is a shotgun approach. in most cases it will be fine. but as mentioned above in certain instances at best you will be sitting in your truck waiting or resetting the timer (i don't know what goes into resetting the timer) when you could be "skiing" or doing something else or at worst you could inadvertantly be causing damage to your turbo.

conversely in the summer they recommend 5-7 minutes. what if it doesn't take 5-7 minutes? at 2.69/gal diesel fuel is nothing i want to waste. with the ttm it runs just long enough to cool to the right temp no more no less.

johnnieboy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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