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time for more mods...which way to go

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ok guys it is time for a few more mods to the far i have done the intake.and exhaust..the intake is just the napa style setup and the exhaust is a 4 inch stainless with magnaflow is time for a chip/tuner and some gauges..

i can get the following items at a great deal so which do you recommend?This is my daily driver and i do very little towing with it.

Edge juice w/attitude
Edge Evo
Custom superchips chip(i have a friend who is a dealer)

and as far as gauges do i need all mechanical or electric?and does anyone have any sites that sell complete gauge kits with pods and all.

thanks in advance for any advice
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Ok again for us not so smart diesel guys

2. vandal alert ? ( turbo Timer ?)
3. i would do the intank and pre-pump mod with racor pre pump filter
? ( what do you mean pre-pump Mod how do I find out how to do that))
4. gauges
5. fumoto oil valve ( what is a fumoto valve and what does it do ?
6. regulator bypass by itp with ad injector in #8 with fuel cooler ( ok im feeling really really dum like i should know what this is also sorry ??))))
7. ais intake
8. monster exhaust
9. tru-cool max with magnefine filter

Sorry Guys for acting soooooo dumb but I I'm still learning and I read lot of these post trying to learn but it hard if dont know what they are .
Thanks again /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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