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If you can stop laughing for a moment at the idea of a fuel additive that actually does something for you, you might be surprised. First let me say that we here at NSD realize we can lie about anything (we won't, but we know it's possible). Most things we post here can be fabricated, but a few either can't OR can't be fabricated that easily. And folks, we've got work to do either way, so making stuff up is a waste of money for us.

What TK-7 Does

TK-7 is an "All-In-One" additive, so no more buying a cetane booster and then buying an anti-gel, etc. Here's what it does:

  • Cetane Booster (diesel formula only)
  • Injector Cleaner
  • Fungi Treatment
  • Upper-cylinder Lubricant
  • Anti-Gel
TK-7 has a patented catalyst that actually modifies fuel properties during ignition, which is the main reason we see so many gains in miles per gallon in our testing. There are one or two additives out there that might get you 3%-5% increase in MPG, but we typically see gains in the 10%-15% range. Here is a brochure explaining more about the company and the product: S Diesel TK7-Brochure Compressed.pdf

Here is an FAQ on TK-7:

About TK7 (very informative)

The Proof

Watch the TK-7 Burn Test we did. Okay, it wasn't done in a laboratory and my camera work is poor at best, but the test is revealing. We took several "major" fuel additives and burned them, paying special attention to the amount of soot released but most importantly what was left behind because that's what stays in your engine. Some we could pick the can up by dabbing our finger in the goo that was left behind. You'll need to fast-forward or it might put you to sleep...TK-7 is tested last.
New South Diesel

I have attached a file with several independent tests performed by Caterpillar, David Vizard, and the Israeli Military, among others. I think they speak for themself. I can attach some of our individual test results if people would like to see them, but we've had success with large trucking fleets as well as individuals.

How To Buy

Please visit or you can call us at (828) 468-4895 and place an order over the phone.

1 Pint Diesel Formula in Accumeasure Bottle (treats 256 gallons)
$25+$5 s&h (ContUSA)
1 Pint Gas Formula in Accumeasure Bottle (treats 80 gallons)
$25+$5 s&h (ContUSA)
1 Gallon Diesel Formula (treats 2000 gallons)
$240+$15 s&h (ContUSA)
1 Gallon Gas Formula (treats 768 gallons)
$240+$15 s&h (ContUSA)

So that's the gist. We welcome questions, comments, and hate mail with less emphasis on the hate mail. If you've made it this far then thanks for reading!


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