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I think there should be a "Tools" forum for discussion and also a "Tools" division in the for-sale section. Most of us here do our own wrenching and I feel these additions would be useful. Any opinions?

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This might need to just be discussed in the other section. I like tools and search for tool specific sites(not many decent ones). I liked the idea of the heavy truck forum, but it does not get much use. All I normally do on a daily basis is hit the icon for today's active stuffy. But the last time I went looking for a specific forum, I was amazed at how much the list has grown. If there is enough interest, then go for it. But I don't think there will be. We've already discussed generators, weldors, air compressors, and other stuff in Other anyway.
I've got a buddy wanting to move a plasma cutter, I will see if he still has it and what he wants for it. I will post it in the for sale section wednesday the fifth of july if he has it.

On buying several of them and getting a discount, I have another buddy that might be interested in doing this deal as his sales have been a little slow, and he doesn't mind bulk orders. How many would be interested if at all?

PS: don't use my email as I do not have one for my computer, the one listed goes into my dad's computer.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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