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If you’re one of those people who don’t just drive their trucks but use them for work, you’re probably familiar with the RKI brand. This company is a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade durability truck equipment with heavy-duty build quality.

Today, the company offers truck tool box units, including cross boxes, side boxes, topper compartments, under bodies, as well as floor drawers, window grilles, racks, and a range of accessories for any type of work and use. Manufactured from superior materials for impeccable strength, all RKI products have a durable construction able to withstand abuse and the elements and are backed by the lifetime warranty.

RKI® - FD-Series Floor Drawer Unit

RKI® - WG Series Louvered Window Grille Cab Rack

RKI® - C-Series Deep Single Lid Crossover Tool Box

Browse the full list of RKI Products for your Ford!
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