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Torn orange intake tube. Need one fast! HELP!

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I was removing the intake ducting and found that the orange boot is ripped. DAMNIT!! It's ripped all the way around, and under where the hose clamp keeps it on the turbo.

I need one fast so I can make it out of town this weekend.

What are my options? Do I have to get one from the dealership???

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Do you have a CCV mod on there now? the reason I ask is that the orange hose is discontinued (good riddance) and that leaves 3 choices:

On joat's list there is a kit F7TZ-9C681-AA to replace the hose and the CCV adaptor from ford. Not cheap but good. There is also just the new hose F81Z-9C681-BA. It will not fit with the original aluminum piece. If you have CCV mod already you can use 2.5 to 3 inches of 4 in tubing to replace the aluminum piece and you are set.
3rd choice is a custom made silicone hose that IS a direct fit for the orange one, I don't have a link but is a sponsor...intake hoses .com or similar? but I don't know if you could get it by weekend....
The black ford hose was about $35 at powerstroke shop........
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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