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Torque converter going bad?

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Have any of you heard about the tc's on the 99's having a problem? My truck rattles really loud at an idle, it does quiet down when I am driving. I want to fix this it drives me nuts, But I want to make sure I fix the right thing. Is there a performance difference with different torque converters?

Thanks for your help.
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My 99 had he same loud rattling at idle and nobody could tell me what it was. One Ford dealer told me it was one of the injectors "cackling" and there was a newer version they could swap it out for that would eliminate the noise. I didn't and several months later the transmision started shifting bad, slipping between shifts. I took it to a different dealer that works only on the F250 and larger trucks (RVs, buses, etc). The torque convertor was coming apart and the tranmission had metal pieces in it requiring a rebuild. I would get it out of there before it causes more damage.
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