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Torque Converter

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Which converter should i go with that will offer the longest lifetime and handle up to 5oohp/800 ft lb of torque?? I dont sled pull but i do tow and my right foot is not shy of the skinny pedal. Also ive heard a lot about stall speed. what is the stock stall speed?? does anyone know?? And what stall speed should i look for to get the best performance?
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We use Suncoast converters. Depending on how much power you make, the Suncoast will stall at about 2100. The stock converter stalls a little earlier, but that can be manipulated in the programming some. Normally 1800-1900. You can also order a custom converter with a higher stall. We will be testing a 2500 stall in one of our trucks real soon.
There's no major advantage on a bolt on truck, other than being able to launch a little harder at the track.

For those with aftermarket turbo's that may not spool as well as the stock turbo, it will help a lot.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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