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Tow / Haul Button Not Working '05

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Anyone have problems with their tow / haul button?

When my truck was new it worked like this. When I pressed the tow haul button, nothing would happen until I pressed the brakes, then it would downshift (or come out of overdrive) and hold that gear. This was great for going down hills, etc..

About a week ago, this completely went away. The light still comes on, but when I hit the brakes or do anything, nothing happens.

Can anyone characterize how their tow/haul button works.

On my '96 F250, when I was on the freeway and pressed the tow/haul button, it would always come out of overdrive and stay their. And when I was going down a hill and the truck was just coasting, I would press the button, and then I would have to give it a tiny bit of throttle, then it would downshift and hold a gear enough to slow the truck down.

My 2005 acts a little different in that I have to press the brake going down a hill for it to downshift and hold the lower gear. But on the freeway, when I press the button, nothing has ever happened.

Anyway, it doesn't work at all now. Just curious how others tow haul work.

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Do you have a load when you try this? T/H is more effective the closer to max weight you get. It's really like nothing when you do not have load.
I noticed that you have not been reflashed. The performance of your tow/haul will be much different from those of us who have had the reprogramming or the newer trucks ('05 models). The "new" tow/haul is much softer and does not lock up the T/C. A kinder, gentler tow/haul.

I missed the old way it worked (you KNEW it was working loaded or unloaded). Barking tires and skipping rear end and all. It was one mean feature.

The new tow/haul is imperceptible when unloaded (steep grade will make it work). When loaded, it seems to work okay. Still a mushy experience. And the new mode has a speed band in which it will function. It kicks off below 20 mph (I think that's the number), so the last few feet is all brake with no help from drivetrain.
Was it reflashed recently? Did you take it in for any kind of service work (and the dealer did you a "favor" by reprogramming)? The way your transmission is acting is just like mine with the latest flash. In fact, that unlock thing is what I really dislike. Almost feels like it is slipping (at the friction, not the T/C). And tow/haul is soft, soft, soft.

The only other thing I can think of is that the transmission learns driving habits. To give the thing amnesia, pull your battery cables (15 minutes with the lights on to fully, completely reset KAM -- keep alive memory). You will have a code stored to indicate the KAM reset (50 key cycles or so). But your transmission will have to relearn. Monitor the behavior while relearning to see if was like you remember.

If you have had it reprogrammed, ignore the above. Just keep driving it (harder is better) to get it to relearn. It will eventually figure it out that you want a firmer shift and it will accomodate.
I have not heard of any issues, other than the KAM reset code stored for a few key cycles.
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