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Tow / Haul Button Not Working '05

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Anyone have problems with their tow / haul button?

When my truck was new it worked like this. When I pressed the tow haul button, nothing would happen until I pressed the brakes, then it would downshift (or come out of overdrive) and hold that gear. This was great for going down hills, etc..

About a week ago, this completely went away. The light still comes on, but when I hit the brakes or do anything, nothing happens.

Can anyone characterize how their tow/haul button works.

On my '96 F250, when I was on the freeway and pressed the tow/haul button, it would always come out of overdrive and stay their. And when I was going down a hill and the truck was just coasting, I would press the button, and then I would have to give it a tiny bit of throttle, then it would downshift and hold a gear enough to slow the truck down.

My 2005 acts a little different in that I have to press the brake going down a hill for it to downshift and hold the lower gear. But on the freeway, when I press the button, nothing has ever happened.

Anyway, it doesn't work at all now. Just curious how others tow haul work.

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Do you hold the brake pedal for a little coming down a hill in Tow/Haul mode?

Disclaimer: I'm about to being asuuming stuff. You all know what that means.

I assume that the Torqshift works similarly to the Allison in the GM's. You press the button on the end of the gear shift lever to enter or exit Tow/Haul mode (T/H).

In T/H, the trans will downshift to a lower gear to help keep your speed down. On my dad's 2500HD, you have to apply the brake lightly, and hold it for a little amount of time, and the trans will then downshift. I assume (again, read my disclaimer!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif) that the Torqshift works the same way, you need to hold the brake pedal lightly for a short time period (only a couple seconds, if that).

In regard to your '96, the button on the end of the gearshift lever is just an Overdrive On/Off button. So if you pressed it to turn off OD, the trans would only shift up to 3rd gear. If OD was on, the trans would shift the entire range.

I also think that while in T/H, the Torqshift utilizes all of the gears, even overdrive. My pop's Allison does also. It changes the shift points in order to get maximum performance out of the engine for towing.

Hope this helps and isn't as clear as mud. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

Have a good one!!

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