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Tow/Haul indicator - bulb good, but not lighting up

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Some time ago my tow/haul light stopped coming on when I hit the button. I figured it was just a burned out bulb since the mode seems to work as it always had. However, I put the dash in test mode the other day (holding the odo button while turning the key) and to my surprise the Tow/Haul light lit up!

What could be causing it not to light up when I'm using the mode? Is this an indication of something wrong with the tow/haul function?
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No, it's probably a damaged wire to the light. The wires often get damaged where they enter the shifter handle inside the steering column. It's not hard to take the plastic cover off of the column. Now you can repair the wires or replace the shifter handle for about $50.
Ditto. My 04 had this problem and it was the wires in the steering column where they enter/exit the shifter handle were worn/cut/broken. Repaired with some new wire and it works fine now.
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