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Tow Mirror Chrome Cap

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Hi guys (gals?)

I finally got a replacement mirror for my truck. But I need to remove the chrome cap from the old one. It appears to have 4 tabs, two at the top, and two on the side (not reachable from that I can see). I can get a tool to the tabs at the top and pull them down, but the cap does not move. Not even a little. I can get a trim tool in the seam at the side/bottom and pull slightly, but I don't want to force it much more lest it break. Am I missing something? Could the cap have been glued/taped in addition to the tabs?

This is a 2011 XLT with the chrome package, full power/heated/folding mirrors. Any help would be appreciated.
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Whew. I got it. It turned out to be a two-person job. Well, the second person (my wife) helped tremendously. I'm sure one person could figure it out, but anyway, we got it. Patience and persistence is the key. It is a very tight fit. So here's what we did.

We were able to get a trim tool on the outside part where it meets the plastic. With that started, and my wife holding gentle but consistent pressure on it it kinda upward and outward, I worked on the top-outside tab. I was always able to get in and pull it away, but I couldn't work any other place loose while two hands were busy working that one tab. With the pressure she was applying, the top outside corner finally popped loose, then we worked on the top inside tab. With it finally apart, I had to get a long, skinny flathead screwdriver to reach the inside tab where it meets the plastic. It was a bugger to get to, but once I hit it, it popped out, and the cap came out.
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