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Towing a car hauler, questions

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I have to go down to California and help my mom move back here. I guess I need to tow her car (Subaru station wagon) on a car trailer back.

My question is, do these have trailer brakes on them? I don't have a brake set up, the only thing I tow is my #3500 trailer with no brakes.

Any advice or answers?
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If you are renting from U-hual, here are my tips from experience:

1. Demand a new style aluminum trailer, and not one of the older painted orange steel trailers. The older steel trailers are beaten to hell, and are mostly kept for local, not one way rentals because of this.

2. Get a full trailer, not a tow dolly. Tow dollys suck.

3. Load the car on the trailer BACKWARDS, unless you are pulling a convertible. (Convertibles are only designed to be waterproof going forward at speed, not backward. Found this out the hard way when I bought a 'vert Camaro for a friend.)

The U-hual trailers are designed to tie the car down using the forward most wheels/tires being ALL THE WAY at the front of the trailer. (They come with wheel straps). This will drastically increase your tongue weight to the point of being unsafe for travel. If you load the vehicle backwards, you will put the heaviest weight of the car; the engine over the wheels of the trailer, and the whole balance of the trailer will ride SO much better. Trust me on this one.

If you are going to provide your own ratchet straps to a U-hual trailer, you can place the car on the trailer however you like, and do not have to drive all the way to the front, but be aware that there are little to no places to fasten a ratchet strap to the trailer without going around somthing.

4. Definately only load and unload when attached to the truck, and double check the coupler latch tightness several time before and after this process. (U-hual uses a hand torque down latch that works well, but needs to be checked a couple times.)

I have rented several U-hual car trailers to the point I should own one for myself. Every one that I have rented had great brakes (surge type). Now the trailer light wiring... that's another story.
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