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Towing a car hauler, questions

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I have to go down to California and help my mom move back here. I guess I need to tow her car (Subaru station wagon) on a car trailer back.

My question is, do these have trailer brakes on them? I don't have a brake set up, the only thing I tow is my #3500 trailer with no brakes.

Any advice or answers?
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My question is, do these have trailer brakes on them?

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Almost all rental single-car hauler trailers will have surge brakes. You don't need a brake controller in the pickup. All you need is a receiver hitch with a ball on a drawbar (ball mount) that has the correct drop to make the trailer perfectly level (front to rear) when loaded and hooked up to your pickup.

So the first step is to load the car on the trailer while the trailer is hooked up to the pickup. Pull the car up far enough on the trailer to result in at least 10 percent of the gross trailer weight on the hitch. If the loaded trailer is not level, then change the drawbar to one with a different drop.

After you are loaded with the proper drawbar so the loaded trailer is level, and with the car tied down to the trailer really good, then find a deserted road and do a simulated "panic" stop from your intended towing speed. If the rig stops okay, you're set to begin the trip. If not ...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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