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So heres the story.
2004 F350 CCLB 6.0
Towing my 7k lb trailer on vaca thru indiana..basically flat.
First 2 hours temps all good....EOT 215 ECT 208.
Last hour things go wierd.
ECT drops to 199 and then proceeds to bounce around from 171 to will not stay pinned. I know it is not 171 though!
and the EOT starts to climb and runs in the 220's and as high as 233.

All numbers are measured using the Torque App.
Truck runs fine thru it all and dash guages never fluctuate.

Also the truck has a tendency at times for the ECT to "lock in" on a temp or 3 and simply move between those numbers. Yesterday it was 204.8, 206.6, and 208.4. Normally if i shut down the truck and restart it she works properly. I just couldn't do that yesterday as we had 2 other tucks with us and i didn't want to stop the others or turn off and on the truck rolling down the highway so i lived with the wierd ECT numbers.
But the climbing EOT temps for no apparent reason....when the numbers had been perfect for 2 hours!

the truck was redone with now head gaskets, studs, oil cooler and much more in 2018 and has 5k miles on it since then.

What are your thoughts on what is going on here?
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