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towing capacity

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I'm a neophyte, so be gentle.

I bought a 2003 F-350 dually crew cab with a 7.3 diesel, 32K miles. It has the factory towing package. I plan on using this to deliver RV campers, and added a 5th wheel and a hitch with sway bars. The previous owner installed a gooseneck from B&W, and the 5th wheel is the B&W companion, rated to 18K. I also added a 76 gal fuel tank, in addition to the in-truck tank that holds 39 gal. It is an automatic with overdrive. My transmission control consists of the D-2-1 positions, and a overdrive on/off switch. Everything is pretty much stock.

How do I figure out my towing capacity? I read through the owner's manual, but it's about as clear as mud. Is there a different weight max for the hitch, the gooseneck, and/or the 5th wheel?

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That makes a lot of sense to me -- much better than the hieroglyphics in the Ford owner manual. Thanks for your walk-through.

The interesting thing about this is I have a class A CDL, and understand the weight process in the 18-wheeler world. But there, there isn't much of an issue (most of the time) with "will my equipment be able to handle the load", but rather "am I over DOT weight limits".

Thanks for your explanation -- helps a lot.

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