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Towing For The First Time

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I finally picked up my 5th wheel last week. I bought this diesel knowing I would be buying my uncle’s toy hauler when he got his new unit. I’m absolutely thrilled with driving & towing with this truck. The toy hauler is 34’ & I haven’t weighed it yet, but uncle said it was a little over 9,000 empty. The only issue I have, & I hear I’m not alone, is the fan clutch “hooks” in & out while simply cruising down the highway. I don’t get the fan “hooking” up while running down the highway @ 60+. What I’ve never experienced before is the fan continuously coming in & out on flat ground, is this normal? I understand it’s hot coming across the desert in July, but I thought when your rolling down the road all the air you need is coming across the motor. I don’t feel the fan taking as much power away from this motor as with my gassers, but I would think it takes away from my mileage. Even when not towing I’ve noticed my fan running allot after it hits 95 here, that should have my fan roaring eh… about 6 months out of the year. Should I talk to my local Diesel Tech.? Will I get a strange look asking about my fan running when the forecast for July 4th is 121 degrees, (in the shade). Yea, but it’s a dry heat.
(Footnote: I’m not running hot, nor blowing coolant.)
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I'm a victim of 07-1-4. The first long towing trip in the heat, the truck was indicating overheat. I thought it was an indication problem as the truck continued to run fine and didn't blow coolant. 3 trips to the dealer when I got home, including the final one where I showed the tech the cut off connector from the top of the fan shroud, I realized the fan never came on and I really was overheating. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

One new fan and clutch assy later, and I LOVE the sound of the fan engaging. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif These engines need cooling. The V10 I previously had only had the fan engage while towing once, when towing through the SoCal desert.

I hope the first trip overheating didn't cause any long term problem (warpage, etc).

Take Care
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