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towing fuel milage

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new to this forum, so go easy on me. i recently bought a 2000 7.3 powerstroke crew cab dually with 90k, got a great deal and was fairly happy with its mpg, roughly 14-16 everyday use no extra weight. recently took the fam on a camping trip pulling my 31ft 11000lbs bumper pull. my mpg dropped to 7-8 mpg what can i do to get better millage. it also seemed to be sluggish. could only make 35 mph pulling cabbage hill in the Oregon Blue mnts off I 84. big hill yes, but buddy with 2000 cummins could do it with ease no speed drop

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It wold be nice to have some gauges - especially pulling that kind of weight. You need to closely monitor your actual transmission temperature and exhaust gas temperature to avoid losing the transmission or motor. Most of these come in kits with a boost gauge:

ISSPRO Gauge Kits for Ford Powerstroke from DieselManor

The boost is nice because it helps diagnose problems like these. Leaking up-pipes or intercooler boots would kill your mileage and your power. You'd be able to tell if you had the gauge. Other things you could check would be sensor readouts using a program like AutoEnginuity. For example, if you were monitoring ICP sensor data and IPR duty cycle while towing up Mt. Everest, you would be able to tell if your pressures weren't keeping up despite the IPR doing its best to maintain them. That might point you towards leaking injector o-rings, which would also explain the lack of power. Fuel pressure is something else you might check - it has to be done with a separate gauge.

You're right that there is an issue. You should have been able to tow your trailer and the Dodge up the hill...
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