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towing fuel milage

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new to this forum, so go easy on me. i recently bought a 2000 7.3 powerstroke crew cab dually with 90k, got a great deal and was fairly happy with its mpg, roughly 14-16 everyday use no extra weight. recently took the fam on a camping trip pulling my 31ft 11000lbs bumper pull. my mpg dropped to 7-8 mpg what can i do to get better millage. it also seemed to be sluggish. could only make 35 mph pulling cabbage hill in the Oregon Blue mnts off I 84. big hill yes, but buddy with 2000 cummins could do it with ease no speed drop

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With the correct upgrades you can get much better towing and empty MPG's and pull your trailed almost as fast as you want up hills..

Example we just modded a customers f350 truck that pulls a 13k 5th wheel. he went from 8.5 to 12 mpg pulling and from 45mph up hills previously taken to 65+ mph with plenty left over. It can be done just takes correctly matched parts and $$$

PM me if I can help.
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