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Towing MPG down down down

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I have the truck listed below. Stock last year 13,500 fifth wheel I would get 11.5 going 67 on the highway. This year same highway same trailer but with all the mods listed I get a measley 9. Cant have this. Is it the T/S 6 pos? Ive actually had alot of trouble with this thing switching settings whenever it feels also. Time for DP Tuner. Morale of the story is I didnt want to spend the 500 for a DP so I bought this TS off ebay for 280. Mistake Now I'm gonna have a $780 chip. Oh brother. Any Ideas?
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I got that T/S chip before my Bullydog and hated it. Truck did not run right. Just like you said it would change the engine at random. I took it back and got the 6 pos Bullydog and I`ve loved it ever since.
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