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Towing/power question

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Hello Everyone - I was wondering if some of you could give me your best advise. We have a '96 Powerstroke that we are using to pull a 44' enclosed car trailer with two cars. Going up hills the truck seems to really labor ... EGT's are around 1000-1100. I know that with this setup I am not going to be flying up and down the hills however it seems like I should be able to go along pretty good.

The turbo was just rebuilt - I am getting about 10psi of boost. We are also running an EDGE clip ...

Is there anything I can/should do to help her out? The engine really seems to run well - No smoke or anything. Any suggestions or is this just the way of these trucks?
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The first thing that I would do is open up the exhaust by getting rid of the stock down pipe along with a open air air intake such as the Tymar or a DIY one. The next thing for me would be to get a custom burnt chip instead of the Edge. For some reason a custom burnt one just does better in my opinion. Then check out your gearing, the OBS trucks came with either 3:55's which are bad for towing or 4:10 which are better for towing, also if you have taller tires that will hurt your towing capabilities.
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