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Towing/power question

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Hello Everyone - I was wondering if some of you could give me your best advise. We have a '96 Powerstroke that we are using to pull a 44' enclosed car trailer with two cars. Going up hills the truck seems to really labor ... EGT's are around 1000-1100. I know that with this setup I am not going to be flying up and down the hills however it seems like I should be able to go along pretty good.

The turbo was just rebuilt - I am getting about 10psi of boost. We are also running an EDGE clip ...

Is there anything I can/should do to help her out? The engine really seems to run well - No smoke or anything. Any suggestions or is this just the way of these trucks?
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Please tell me you are not using ether with the glowplugs functioning. Look up the specs on a NAPA 6637 air filter, thats what the Tymar is. Bigger filter, same size pipe. The aftermarket downpipes are mandrel bent and flow a lot better than the stock one. You can search here for the tuners, DP and Tony Wildman are the ones that come to mind. Check out the sponsor links, I know they are there. With the truck laboring, I assume and automatic? What gear are you in going up the hills. I think your EGT's will drop if you run a lower gear and more RPM's. With the loads I pull and my auto, I spend a lot of time in 2nd gear running about 3,000-3,400 rpms. I can feather the fuel pedal and keep it in OD, but them I'm chugging along at about 50 in a 65 doing like you, making 10 lbs of boost wishing for more power.
Most here will tell you the K&N is a major no-no. Lets too much dirt in and is hard on turbos. I'm pretty sure that as long as you can keep your tranny temps down, you are better off towing at high engine RPM's than lugging along. Others who tow in the mountains can chime in with what works for them. The DP is an easy upgrade. Might have to do some re-working of the pinch weld to make it fit, but nothing a 2x4 and big hammer can't fix. While you are at it, look into doing the EBPV delete. You'll need a sawsall to cut the stock DP off. Get it all loose, pull it up as far as you can into the engine bay and whack it off there, makes removal so much easier.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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