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Towing/power question

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Hello Everyone - I was wondering if some of you could give me your best advise. We have a '96 Powerstroke that we are using to pull a 44' enclosed car trailer with two cars. Going up hills the truck seems to really labor ... EGT's are around 1000-1100. I know that with this setup I am not going to be flying up and down the hills however it seems like I should be able to go along pretty good.

The turbo was just rebuilt - I am getting about 10psi of boost. We are also running an EDGE clip ...

Is there anything I can/should do to help her out? The engine really seems to run well - No smoke or anything. Any suggestions or is this just the way of these trucks?
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Thanks guys ... I actually have made an adaptation for my air filter ... We had an incident where ether blew up the air box so I had to make something fit ... I ended up finding an air filter of a Chevy - Its probably about 15" inches in diameter and utilizes the stock piping.

What is it about the intake that makes the change? Bigger air filter or the piping?
Who does the custom burnt chips?
One time with ether ... Lesson learned. That NAPA filter is exactly what I am using. I adapted it to the existing orange pipe with 4" PVC. Will the K&N be that much better?

The truck is an Automatic. I am running it in drive with the OD off. Can we tow in 2nd gear without hurting anything?

I am going to do a down pipe - There are a couple on Ebay - The most expensive is like $100 ... Seems to be an easy upgrade.
Whew - I started this thread - Great people have responded and I lost touch! I started a new job and it has consumed me ... Getting back in the swing of things has been interesting also ...

So - Ok - I a down pipe needs to be done 1st. That seems easy enough. The turbo was just rebuilt less than 500 miles ago so it should be an easy transformation.

I wish I had of known about the EBPV - when I sent it to him! Darn it!

In this thread the last addition to the thread a guy talks about just unplugging the EBPV? Does that work?

Thanks guys!
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1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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