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TPMS light

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What is the minimum pressure that will turn off the TPMS light???
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It's different for the front and rear. My F350 will trip the light around 65-66 on the rears. Recommended is 80 PSI even if unloaded which makes for a rough ride. The front trips at around 55 on mine. Recommended is 60 on the front. I am now running a Live Wire Tuner which has the ability to adjust these numbers and keep the light off. I run my rears around 60 unless I'm towing 5th wheel..then its up to 80. My fronts run at 65-70 all the time. Not sure what the F250 recommended psi is. Its on your drivers door. The light trips when you get 12-15 off that on the rears and 5-10 off on the fronts. My SRW F350 behaved like the DRW truck I have now.
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