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TPMS & Radio gremlins

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My 2013 F350 CC Lariat with 16,500 miles has developed a TPMS problem. Tire pressures are at factory specs, checked regularly and rotated at 5000 miles. I have not had any issues until now. The alarm went off a few weeks back as I was driving. I checked the TPs and they were good. The truck sat over night and in the morning I went to work no TPMS alarm. Went like that for a few days then an alarm. TPs still good. It has been going off intermittently now and it seems like when it is cool it won't go off. I tried the learning procedure by the owners manual and I can't get past the first tire. I bought a Ford TPMS training device and that won't work either. I went to work Yesterday morning no alarm I was driving along and turned on my radio and the horn beeped and a message came up LEARNING PROCEDURE FAILED TRY AGAIN, now my radio won't work. GPS, Climate, and Phone all work on the touch screen, no radio. Anybody have this happen?
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I've had my radio mess up and not be able to turn it on via knob or touchscreen.
What I did was pull fuse 29 in the passenger side fuse panel and put it back in.
It's a 20A fuse and controls SYNC, GPS module, Radio faceplate.

Try it out and see if it works. Beats disconnecting the batteries.
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