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TPMS & Radio gremlins

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My 2013 F350 CC Lariat with 16,500 miles has developed a TPMS problem. Tire pressures are at factory specs, checked regularly and rotated at 5000 miles. I have not had any issues until now. The alarm went off a few weeks back as I was driving. I checked the TPs and they were good. The truck sat over night and in the morning I went to work no TPMS alarm. Went like that for a few days then an alarm. TPs still good. It has been going off intermittently now and it seems like when it is cool it won't go off. I tried the learning procedure by the owners manual and I can't get past the first tire. I bought a Ford TPMS training device and that won't work either. I went to work Yesterday morning no alarm I was driving along and turned on my radio and the horn beeped and a message came up LEARNING PROCEDURE FAILED TRY AGAIN, now my radio won't work. GPS, Climate, and Phone all work on the touch screen, no radio. Anybody have this happen?
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The radio won't turn on either by touch screen or the knob and it happen when the failed message displayed. I talked with my dealer today made an appointment for Tuesday, they are already scratching their heads. I thought about disconnecting the battery but that might clear a fault code and not fix the problem.
My cell phone has been in three Super Duties and this one since I took delivery. I never take it out or unplug it.
I pulled out number 29 fuse and put it back in, the radio works now.
My dealer could not find any faults or codes. The TPMS light has not been on since I picked up my truck. Knock on wood.
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