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TPMS Sensors

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I've got about 65K on my Job 2 truck right now - and I'm on my third set of these sensors in the wheels!? Anyone else have any issues with these!? It seems that the band comes apart and then the sensor itself will become a projectile inside the tire. Not good. Really messes up the balance on that tire and the light comes on the dash. I had a couple replaced when it was under the 36K general warranty. I've replaced all 4 at least once at my expense and at least one more came off the other day. Its at the dealer now. They say that this is a common problem especially on the larger diameter truck wheels. I've got the factory 20's w/ factory size tires. Anyone else seen these issues!?
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What we see as a problem.... whoever demounts or mounts the tire is (I was going to say an idiot but I don't want to be chastised) poorly trained and likely to remain poorly trained. We have had no problems with sensor retension other than fools.

I can't be sure if it is your tire store... your dealer or whoever... somebody is blowing smoke up your pants.

FWIW, I have signs all over our tire machine reminding the guys to watch our for these sensors.... the signs don't always work 8^(
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