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TPSensor or

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For the last week or two the check engine light comes on then goes off,When it does this it will stumble or skip a beat,, sometimes it rev up slightly,,I have installed a new fuel filter no help,, the new CPS no help,,HPOP is full to the threads,, what do you all think,, I had it scanned and showed no codes,,I had to take it to the dealer to get it scanned as i know no one with a scanner
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So i went to another shop,, he found no codes stored,, then said he had another truck several weeks ago do the same thing,, He said he replaced the PCM and all was good,,,, any ideas,, the SES light would come on then go out on its own,, I put new UVC gaskets on around 20000 miles ago so i would not think thats the problem,, also how i remove a chip,, was told in PM that could be a problem,,,, Help i need to work Monday
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