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Traction Bars

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Were can I get a set allready made? I don't want to build them. I talked to Rocky Mountain Susp. I wouldn't buy from these people if it's the only place that has them. The woman was unreal. My truck is only 1" higher than stock in the rear.
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I know you said you didn't want to make them. But just in case this is because you don't want to weld anything to the axle or frame for the bracketry, you should know that you can get the procomp brackets for their bars with poly bushings to fit 2" round tube and then simply make the bars themselves and bolt them to the procomp brackets. This way you wouldn't have to fab the brackets and try to figure out how the mount them to the axle and frame without welding. That's what I did, and other than the fact that the bars were to long to begin with and actually deflected a little, I am very pleased with the brackets and the way it works now.

And diesel innovations has a nice set that you can't even really see. They are fully functional too. They don't inhibit the suspension from working properly. Others have them too, many others. If I had to buy some though, I would get the DI set. They are not for looks.
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