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I bought a used flatdeck gooseneck tandem dual 20,000 lb capacity trailer to haul a 10,000 pound truck. I put about 1000 miles per year on it. It had been worked hard previously and as I'm learning more I'm finding things to improve.

One thing I found was the axles were bent. Two hubs were bent up (camber), as if overloaded. The backing plates were ground flat on the bottom so maybe losing wheels caused that. The front left axle was toed out a half inch, like it hit something. I was blowing out inside tires on the one hub and grinding the inside tire edge on the toed out hub in 500 miles. Time to act...

I got my big iron tools out and straightened the axles. 50 ton jack, 7" square tubing, 7/16" transport grade chain. I went a little too far and toed the axle in about .25 inch. The cambers got real good. Then I bought 4 new tires (off brand, I don't remember their name, but made in USA). The wear on one axle with new tires is good. I'm still going to observe the axle with now toe in. So I'm happy so far. Definitely better than before.

Can't say if it pulls easier, I did some engine work so I was seeing some better performance. Posted the engine fixes in the 6.9 forum.

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