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Trailer Brakes Keep Locking Up

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Here's the deal...When coming to a stop, or slowdown, the trailer brakes lock up for an instant...then releases.

I know The brake controller is adjusted correctly as it just recnetly started to do this, but's got to be hard on the hitch...

any ideas as to why this hapens and what the remedy is would be appreciated.
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try checking the brake light switch for brake lights. The fuse is a braker and it sounds like the adj. is set to high and tripping the breaker.
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The fuse is not a breaker, it's a fuse. If it was a breaker, and it was tripping, there wouldn't be brakes at all. It wouldn't lock up the wheels.

If you spent half your time reading, instead of solving everyone else's problems, you might learn something.

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Fyrman if you knew something that you were posting It would make me happy, But as I have said gefore I want no fight with you. Brakes are powered with a maxi breaker on 2000 F trucks It workes the abs syestem which poowers the break lights. If it trippes the breaker you still have breakes on the truck but no lights. no lights no trailer breakes. breakers come back on after they cool. If the tailer break controller is set to hard. it tripps the 30 anp breaker and wala they release because no power from break light. cool breakes again lock up and breakes breaker again. DU.
[/ QUOTE ] FYRMAN, we'll have to study that theory in depth since all the brake lights do is trigger the trailer brake circuit and the trailer brake system draws no juice from the brake light circuit, but what do we know? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

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If the brake controller does not draw any juice from the brake light circuit then why have it hooked up? It does draw to activate the controller and it emits a signal to turn on the brake lights.when it powers the brake lights it heats up the breaker and ittrips the breaker. And beleave me I am not trying to T any one off. But his problem is a short somewere.
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