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Trans died. Is this normal??

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I just had my transmission pour our fluid after a 4 hour highway drive. Truck is a 1999 DRW CC with only 55k and has never done any heavy towing.

The trans never gave any warning and was shifting fine until I stopped and noticed the fluid. Repair shop tells me there is metal in the mix, the torque converter was off alignment and I need a bunch of other stuff (rebuild pack, solenoid, etc).

What I would like to know is if this is common for a low use low mileage trans to fail like this?

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Trans fluid was not topped off. The truck wasn't just spilling some fluid. It looked like someone pouring a bucket of fluid. I can't imagine the fluid being that hot. Can it get that hot just driving normal on the highway with no load and flat terrain? I am getting all of the parts back. Hopefully if they are trying to empty the wallet I'll be able to prove they lied (if they are lying).

I'm stuck now since the truck broke out of state. I will call BTS when I get the parts back and I will use them if it breaks again. If only I had access to a computer when it broke...darn!


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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