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Trans died. Is this normal??

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I just had my transmission pour our fluid after a 4 hour highway drive. Truck is a 1999 DRW CC with only 55k and has never done any heavy towing.

The trans never gave any warning and was shifting fine until I stopped and noticed the fluid. Repair shop tells me there is metal in the mix, the torque converter was off alignment and I need a bunch of other stuff (rebuild pack, solenoid, etc).

What I would like to know is if this is common for a low use low mileage trans to fail like this?

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Can you get a sample of your transmission oil??? With this sample you can have it tested and know (REALLY KNOW) if there are metal shavings or it got to hot. Then you can go to that "mechanic" and either thank him if he was right or make him pay for the parts if he was wrong.
Oh, something else I just though of, when I blew up an engine (long time ago!!) I could SEE the metal shavings in the oil. Did you look at the fluid and see any metal??? Maybe with transmissions, the metal will be smaller???
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