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trans help and need it fast!!!

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trans started slipping yesterday. i took one of the cooler lines off and the there is no metal pieces in the fluid but the fluid is not a nice red color. it does not smell burnt yet but it is not red. my question is what else becides a tc can cause the trans to start slipping and question 2 can i just replace the tc and call it a day. im on a low budget and can not afford to buy a new trans.

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update i just pulled the pan there are what look like to be little black pieces inside the trans and there is mettal around the magnet. what is the best thing to do. should i just try to rebuild it my self or get a ford reman?

and the trans is the original. according to the tag on the side of the trans. i dont know if it has been rebuilt or not. the truck now has 265,000

i would like to add also that the trans worked fine the night before and i got in it the next morning and it would not lock. i checked the pump flow and it is flowing like a qt every 15-20 sec. the converter will not lock. there are some small mataltic pieces in the pan but not big pieces and also there is a lot of what lookies like to be little black pieces. dont know what those are.
. What gears does your tranny feel like it is slipping in?
the converter just will not lock.
1st-2nd - normal shift
2nd-3rd - normal shift
3rd-lock - will not lock

and i think i can feel the shift from 3rd to 4th but i can not remember too well.

another question. if there are metal pieces in the trans is it still rebuildable. or is the whole think scrap?

anybody know of a good shop in houston, tx.

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