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trans help and need it fast!!!

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trans started slipping yesterday. i took one of the cooler lines off and the there is no metal pieces in the fluid but the fluid is not a nice red color. it does not smell burnt yet but it is not red. my question is what else becides a tc can cause the trans to start slipping and question 2 can i just replace the tc and call it a day. im on a low budget and can not afford to buy a new trans.

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Im all for learning new things... But transmissions have alot to them. You can do anything after you read into it enough. But I would recommend having someone thats done it shawdow you. Dont know your experience level transmission wise but if this would be your first transmission, it would be a worth while precaution!

As for shops... Just google transmission shops for your area. Than call around to the best general shops and ask who they recommend. Best way to find good shops. Dont forget to call and ask how long they warranty them for. You probally wont get any kind of price estimate until they inspect the transmission itself. Only bad thing about tranny work is you cant see all the damage until its out and on the table. So do your research on the shop before you take it in!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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