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trans loading in drive and reverse

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Weird issue with my trans that seems to be getting worse. In any forward gear and reverse it loads against the brakes, sometimes enough to stall the van in reverse. Seems to only do this after it's warmed up. I check the FIPL 0.992v closed and 4.1v WOT. It's almost as if the TC is trying to lockup or something. Also when I let go of the brake and start to accelerate it will "drop out" for a moment then go, like a looong gear change. Sometimes it will do the hard shifting thing as well. Is there some other sensor I need to be looking at? I did a search and came up empty handed, although the tach sensor seemed to be of interest. Can't afford to just throw money at it.
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So would it make sense to do a fluid and filter change? This way the filter would be new (and tight) and the fluid topped off and fresh. Either of the other two repairs are out of the question until spring or summer when I get my Explorer back on the road as the van is currently my daily driver.
Thanks for that.

I checked the fluid level after getting to work this morning and was surprised that it wasn't RED! At first I was afraid it was burned but a quick check with the old sniffer and it smells like ordinary ATF, suppose it's possible a prior owner added engine oil to the wrong fill tube? Either way I'm gonna flush the whole system over the weekend and change the filter, really hope it helps. Another question, make any sense to add some B&M Shift Improver? I've had good results on a few drag race trannies with that stuff.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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