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Trans oil brands

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My dealer wants $12.79 per liter for Mercon SP. The mechanic doesn't know that you can use Mercon Lv now. I'm going to drain the oil and change the external filter and would like to know if there is a aftermarket oil that will work without screwing up the trans? While searching I found a thread where Mark said " I only recommend MERCON SP or MERCON LV for the TorqShift. Anything else has the potential to do very expensive damage to the trans and/or solenoids." Does that mean ford oil only?

Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc says it is compatable with Mercon, Mercon V, Mercon SP and Mercon LV. It is only $22 at Wally World for 5 liters.
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Not wanting to hijack but Mark...what is your opinon on aftermarket pans like Mag Hytek. I need to do a fluid change also. Just wonderin???
Those large pans are a good way to spend extra money. There, I kept it positive!

The only other advantage that I know of is that they look cool. They don't cool the fluid, though. You need a transmission cooler to cool the fluid.
Your honesty is MUCH appreciated. I have a hard enough time keepin the cash in my wallet, so I like to use it for the meaningful stuff.:thumbsup: You dont think the extra fluid volume is any big asset???
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