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[TRANS] P0766 & P2703

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Wow, been awhile since I've been back here! My non-studded baby is now over 240k with a Tuner, EGR Delete, and some new injectors / IPR.

Had these codes pop up earlier in the week after the truck did a hard shift and tow / haul started flashing which prompted the scan. After letting it sit overnight, drove fine the next day, and then it came back with another hard shift. Did a trans pan drain and fill, approx 9qts. This seemed to help it for a few days and then it came back. Took it to a local diesel shop (Triple C, Jacksonville, NC). Owner/Tech. there test drove it and scanned it getting the same codes. He told me that it is a $100 bushing that is causing the problem, but he won't replace it without doing a full rebuild.

Also to be noted, truck will not go into overdrive. Monitoring it as I drive it will sometimes skip 4th and go right into 5th. I am guessing I have low pressure going to the TC as it is now bucking in reverse.

Kind of in a pinch between a rock and a hard place. Been trying to sell the truck off, but don't want to drop $3k on a rebuild. How should I proceed if I am to keep the truck for a little while longer without doing more damage? Get a rebuild? Replace the bushing? Do a trans fluid flush? New tranny? Donor tranny?

Not sure if anyone has a program (such as FORScan that I use) that can open and read .fsl files. I can post a few if someone does.
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The trans has six ratios, and most of the fourth isn't used. Some readers will show 1-2-3-5-6, some do a correction as show 1-2-3-4-5.

What usually causes both codes is a sticky solenoid. Solenoids stick because extremely fine debris gets inside it, causing the sticking. The story about the bushing may be right, I don't know. Sometimes a new solenoid will fix it.
With the truck struggling in reverse, doing its bucking and sometimes not working at all, is this an issue that could be caused by the Shift D sensor? Or is it another problem?
No, shift solenoid D can't cause bucking in reverse. It isn't doing anything in reverse. There are no shift sensors.

Low pressure in the torque converter won't cause this, either. The torque converter will work with no pressure, but it will overheat eventually.
So it's looking like time for a rebuild then, right? Sorry for all the questions, I know just about nothing when it comes to transmissions.
That would be my guess, but I recommend a Dx from someone that can actually drive it.
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