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[TRANS] P0766 & P2703

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Wow, been awhile since I've been back here! My non-studded baby is now over 240k with a Tuner, EGR Delete, and some new injectors / IPR.

Had these codes pop up earlier in the week after the truck did a hard shift and tow / haul started flashing which prompted the scan. After letting it sit overnight, drove fine the next day, and then it came back with another hard shift. Did a trans pan drain and fill, approx 9qts. This seemed to help it for a few days and then it came back. Took it to a local diesel shop (Triple C, Jacksonville, NC). Owner/Tech. there test drove it and scanned it getting the same codes. He told me that it is a $100 bushing that is causing the problem, but he won't replace it without doing a full rebuild.

Also to be noted, truck will not go into overdrive. Monitoring it as I drive it will sometimes skip 4th and go right into 5th. I am guessing I have low pressure going to the TC as it is now bucking in reverse.

Kind of in a pinch between a rock and a hard place. Been trying to sell the truck off, but don't want to drop $3k on a rebuild. How should I proceed if I am to keep the truck for a little while longer without doing more damage? Get a rebuild? Replace the bushing? Do a trans fluid flush? New tranny? Donor tranny?

Not sure if anyone has a program (such as FORScan that I use) that can open and read .fsl files. I can post a few if someone does.
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Cameron: I don't think the truck uses fourth normally, so the gear skipping may be normal. Mark K. will be on soon to give you a definitive answer, since he helped design it.
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