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I've been noticing a small leak under my truck over the past couple of months, and since it is not driven much (and sits in a temp controlled garage), I didn't think too much about it.

So, the other day, I got under the truck and found the leak was coming from a hole in the tranny dipstick tube, caused by the aftermarket 4" turbo-back exhaust system (the compression clamp sitting on the tranny tube) I put on the truck years ago. I didn't remember the exhaust being that close to the tube when I installed it, so I didn't think much about it back then.

I installed the new dipstick tube and had to separate exhaust to get room to slide the tube in place. What I found, was the exhaust joint located just after turbo slipped out about 2 inches which came to rest against the tube. In addition, the rest of the 4" pipe was nearly sitting on the transmission cross member because of the slip.

Anyway, I am posting this in case anyone else installed a free flow exhaust and haven't inspected it for clearances in a while. Mine is a 4" Magnaflow turbo-back system.
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