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Transmission needs help. No drive or OD.

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1997 F250 4X4 heavy duty E40D

Became stuck in 3.5 ft. of water for 1.5 hours with it running.

Replaced left side MLPS and solenoid pack.
Diff sensor VSS is working (reads zero when unplugged on speedo and MPH when connected)

Flushed tranny and torque converter with new fluids.

Will shift from 1st to second but not drive or OD.

No codes on ODB and OD light is not flashing.

Unplugged the shift solenoid connector and tried to see if drive would work, still only 32MPH @2K.

How can I determine the issue is electrical or mechanical?
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The way to determine if it is electrical or mechanical is to unplug the shift solenoid connector. If the shift handle is in OD and you get anything other than fourth gear the problem is mechanical, not electrical. When the shift solenoid connector is unplugged the transmission is electrically isolated from the vehicle. That proves that the problem is inside the trans and is NOT electrical.

Does reverse work?
Again, does reverse work?
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