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Transmission Range Sensor pin count

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First - my thanks and appreciation to Mark Kovalsky. I've read many threads here and elsewhere about transmission issues, shifting issues, limp mode and I believe the issue I'm having would be solved by replacing the transmission range sensor (notice I did not call it a neutral safety switch ).

My issues are dropping out of gear and high rpms. Have to stop and put it in neutral, neutral then reverse, or park to get it to start shifting properly again. If it throws a code its a wacko glow plug, all glow plugs, left bank only, right bank only. Never lights the light on the shifter handle.

As a total novice -- total, I wandered over to rockauto and ordered a transmission range sensor. It arrived. I finally got the bolts loosened this afternoon and pulled the old sensor.

The old sensor has 8 flat pins (4 on two banks). The new sensor has 11 round pins (6 on one bank and 5 on the other). Dang it.
I rechecked my order, rechecked their stock and determined that both types are indicated as full replacement for my truck. 1997 Ford f350 Powerstroke xlt

Is there a converter to make the 11 pin fit the 8 pin?
Was I just too ignorant to know that I should have pulled the part first instead of relying on the catalog?
Is there a way to tell what the pin count is without pulling the part?
My guess is I should return this one for store credit and order a new one with the 8 pins. Sigh. And I was so looking forward to seeing if this fixed my problem. Dang it.
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The rest of the story, if you have a 1997 Ford F350 powerstroke xlt and it was built early in the year you need to get the 1996 transmission range sensor (8 flat - oval plug)

If you have a 1997 Ford F350 powerstroke xlt made later in the year after the plant converted, then you need to get the 1997 transmission range sensor (11 pin - rectangular).

Only way to be sure which to get to is to look under the truck on the driver's side of the transmission and see if the sensor is square shaped with the plug headed to the top or if it is more rectangular shaped with the plug headed to the side. Top is 8 blade/oval, side is 11 pin/rectangular.
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